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The Most Advanced Wireless Soil Moisture Sensor For Agriculture, Golf Courses and Sports Stadiums

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Soil Scout provides the most advanced fully buried underground wireless soil sensor and monitoring solution for professionals in Agriculture, Golf and Sports turf maintenance.

Several golf courses and sports fields worldwide, including such iconic venues as the Wembley Stadium and Philadelphia Phillies, use Soil Scout to maintain their turf in tip-top shape while reducing maintenance costs and water consumption.

Farmers and agriculture professionals around the world use Soil Scout to understand their fields, optimize soil conditions for better growth and improve crop production, also reducing operational costs and water consumption.

A Sensor System Like No Other

For Agriculture, Golf Courses and Sports Stadiums Wireless Soil Moisture/Temperature and Salinity Sensor

"We give soil experts the insights and data they need to manage their land in the most efficient and effective ways"

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Turf Maintenance


Understand soil, improve crop production while reducing operational costs and irrigation water use. ‍Learn about wireless soil monitoring in Smart Farming.

Sports Fields

Provide players and athletes a uniform, safe, and robust grass for a full season. Learn how to keep better Sports turf with soil monitoring.

Golf Courses

Maintain healthy, robust, and smooth fairways and greens while optimizing water consumption. Read how Golf courses benefit from wireless soil sensors.

Soil Monitoring

What is soil monitoring, how wireless sensors work, and what are the benefits for you? Learn about wireless soil moisture sensors.